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How to Install Mower Deck on Troy Bilt Bronco

Wow. That is some *really* spectacular work!! I wished to try and do this to my riding mower deck to eliminate the ‘grass chute’ that stands out and convert it into a pleasant mulching mower. But, I do not seem to possess your wonderful metal bending and welding skills. Haha. Mine did not flip out quite thus hot. Thus, whereas this can be a great Instructable, I would say there is a sure level of skill required to do this. =)

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Flip the front wheels to the left, then slide the cutting deck out from the proper aspect of the mower.

The primary step looks easy, but after hours in the warmth mowing the lawn, it’s conjointly the easiest to ignore. Removing the dirt, grass, oil, and whatever gunk has made its home on the lawn mower deck is essential for deck maintenance, however also the first step to seeing simply how unhealthy the harm actually is. Using some water, a degreaser, kubota belt replacement and a wire brush, you’ll take away just regarding something off of the surface. Be positive to use the wire brush to remove big chunks of rust and surface rust, kubota mower deck belt replacement and clear the world of residual paint to make sure that the new layer of paint will adhere well to the surface.

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The emergency-stop control cable can be left on the handle if it’s in good shape, but needs to be disconnected from the engine. This mower’s cable was rusting, therefore we have a tendency to removed it for replacement later.  

Being frugal, and aware of being «green,» I selected the latter; after all, it seemed wasteful to throw away a mower that was in smart form except for the deck.  

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Put the key back in the ignition and start the unit. Let it warm up a very little before making an attempt to interact the mower deck. (If you are working in an exceedingly garage, create positive the door is open for adequate ventilation).

sixteen. Raise the mower deck to it’s higest position and reinstall the idler assembly hardware, but finger tighten solely. DO NOT utterly tighten the hardware. Then, move the belt below the idler pulley so it’s within the orientation shown within the image below.

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Dragen Lawn and Garden offers free pickup and delivery on every repair and can additionally fix other equipment, including snowblowers, leaf blowers, chain saws and power trimmers. The Lawn Mower Guy, whose repair rates are $50 for the first [*fr1]-hour and kubota belt replacement $50 per hour when that, conjointly offers free pickup and delivery in addition to free diagnostics for jobs that are over $50.

Most of these elements typically don’t cause several issues and are low risk. However, it’s typically things such as these that create a mower uneconomical to repair. The blade and blade boss are the components from this list presumably to need attention however are easy to fit and not expensive.

Yes, lawnmower decks are largely interchangeable. Engines can swap without issue, however, blades and drive systems could differ.

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